Goodness and Moral Courage

It isn’t always easy to do the right thing. If it was we wouldn’t make a big deal out of it when someone does. Fortunately most people can see truth when it’s in front of them. This quote pretty much says it all. Moral courage. Wow that’s a big one. Some might say we live in a society that rarely rewards moral courage and rarely condemns its lack there of for that matter either. Few people want to get involved in things they feel are not any of their business. Few people will stand up for what’s right and wrong in a marked manner. Few people want to “choose a side” as if somehow that was a bad thing. Some would rather just look the other way. It may be an inconvenient truth for them or worse yet, some may choose a side based on evaluating perceived personal gain and convince themselves their actions and behavior is valid and justified. Sometimes they do choose to get involved (hopefully from a place of goodness) and stand up for what’s right. Sometimes it’s after the fact, leaving one to think, gee that might’ve really been helpful information to me a while ago. However, even delivered late it can still be meaningful, appreciated and of great value for clarification and discernment. It’s one thing to do that when it truly isn’t any of your business, but to do that when it’s someone close to you, well, that is a bit more complicated and with complex ramifications. It’s impossible to play both sides of a field at one time. Herein lies the struggle of remaining “neutral” as people often like to say. As if that is somehow an admirable quality. Ignoring reprehensible behavior without accountability for actions, is thereby condoning the behavior. The real admiration goes to those who have the moral courage to do and say something when it’s clearly, absolutely abhorrent and not pretend something is acceptable when it isn’t, or even worse pretend it didn’t actually occur altogether. That’s why they call it courage. It isn’t always easy, but it’s always the right thing to do.

Author: thelastchardonnay Counseling individuals, families, and couples, EFT relationship specialist, clinical researcher, Supreme Court certified family mediator, qualified parenting coordinator, adjunct professor, and medical/healthcare marketer. Join me as I blog through compilations of key descriptions, components, professional and personal accounts, articles, shared experiences, clinical criteria, victimizations, and behavior patterns in persons with high-functioning alcoholism, substance addictions, complex and covert Cluster B personality disorders, and the subsequent emotional abuse of those close to them. My goal and purpose is to create awareness, share knowledge, information, and education. I hope to provide clarity to anyone who may be feeling baffled and confused, or who may not understand what it is they’re seeing or experiencing in their life, or in the lives of someone close to them. Most importantly as a counselor, therapist and abuse survivor, my hope is for those readers to know they are not alone in their journey of discovery and the process of learning, identifying, and healing from the trauma of emotional and psychological abuse. Instagram: @galvindebbie Facebook: Deborah Galvin, MSW @deborahgalvincounseling Twitter: @galvindebbie LinkedIn: Deborah Galvin, MSW

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