Freedom from Emotional Abuse

Wear Updos, Ponytails & Hair buns again (and not just for the gym). Wear your hair as you please.

Take long soaking baths without pressure again.

Have early nights, early evenings whenever.

Read again.

Spend and save your money as you please without pressure.

Be joyful without the pressure of resentment and envy of your joy.

Be able to see and talk again with family and the previously unapproved of friends who were perceived as serving no advancing purpose because of their lack of status or unapproved of appearance–now without issue or criticism.

Keep and save nice bottles of wine for special occasions without them being consumed late at night.

Make the plans and the schedules.

Wear high heels once again without issues or criticism.

Watch TV in bed again without issues.

Learn to take naps again without pressure or criticism.

Grocery shop, cook, keep, eat, store, freeze and enjoy leftovers without hassle, criticism, insult, or issue.

Be free of all criticisms for things that aren’t real or true.

Go to the gym, or not.

Go for a run, or not.

Not have pressure to throw away a pair of existing shoes or clothes for each new piece.

Not witness frivolous waste and disposal of new material items so many others are in desperate need of.

Experience a new chronic stress-cough free existence.

Try fun adventurous, fun, nail polish colors without issue or judgment.

Take your time. Take it for anything without constant pressure to hurry up.

Be able to be in the moment again without pressure.

Be able to stop, slow down and soak it all in without pressure.

Take time. To breathe, be grateful, feel joy without pressure or jealousy.

See someone for their true, honest self, not who they wanted you to believe they were.

Spend time. Enjoying those who really matter most without pressure. The ones with integrity, honor. The good, the tried, the loyal, the honest, and the true. The courageous who will speak up. The ones with real character. The salt of the earth.

Cut some people completely from your life for your own peace, without feeling any guilt and without the hope for an apology for their behavior.

Finally see your wishes, your hard work, your dreams come true, AND having all those long awaited prayers get answered.

Most importantly, be safe and totally free from all confusing covert emotional abuse.

Author: thelastchardonnay Counseling individuals, families, and couples, EFT relationship specialist, clinical researcher, Supreme Court certified family mediator, qualified parenting coordinator, adjunct professor, and medical/healthcare marketer. Join me as I blog through compilations of key descriptions, components, professional and personal accounts, articles, shared experiences, clinical criteria, victimizations, and behavior patterns in persons with high-functioning alcoholism, substance addictions, complex and covert Cluster B personality disorders, and the subsequent emotional abuse of those close to them. My goal and purpose is to create awareness, share knowledge, information, and education. I hope to provide clarity to anyone who may be feeling baffled and confused, or who may not understand what it is they’re seeing or experiencing in their life, or in the lives of someone close to them. Most importantly as a counselor, therapist and abuse survivor, my hope is for those readers to know they are not alone in their journey of discovery and the process of learning, identifying, and healing from the trauma of emotional and psychological abuse. Instagram: @galvindebbie Facebook: Deborah Galvin, MSW @deborahgalvincounseling Twitter: @galvindebbie LinkedIn: Deborah Galvin, MSW

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